Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lindy Slinger is my HERO

I bought 2 large Pizza Hut pepperoni lover's pizzas to go with watching the NFL draft today. Anytime I get hungry I place two slices in the toaster oven until the cheese melts. I am now sick of pizza. Pizza Hut seems to not know that tomato sauce is a key ingredient to pizza.
MY review of PIZZA HUT.
The pizza is dry and the cheese tastes like styrofoam. All I really want is Indian food or a baloney sandwich.
I got up at 9 am. In the morning. To watch the NFL draft. I have a friend who likes watching the draft. He likes to watch it with me.
Just a quick non-football note about the draft. Notre Dame Quaterback Brady Quinn's girlfriend Lindy Slinger might be hotter than Ashlee Simpson and Christina Aguilera combined. I hear she plays soccer or something which makes me think she's got a lot of stamina. I am not sure why stamina is something that would attract me to her. As I have no more than 3 seconds of stamina myself. Sometimes I get winded from typing to fast.

Ashlee Simpson (above) a well known skank bag

During today's NFL Draft the camera crew from ESPN kept showing close-ups of Lindy. They couldn't get enough of the girl who had hitched her ride to a falling star. Would she walk out? Would she cry? And what about Lindy?

All I know is that Lindy and her boyfriend have been going out for 5 years and rented a cabin in Mexico for Spring Break. So you know she totally does it with him.

Go Redhawks!!!!
My Bathos site has a video of Lindy and Quinn & And I have posted another blog entry about Lindy at The Needs of the Few.


eventsnoted said...

Holy shit man, this post made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

Dr. Stephanie said...

You should have put some background info on these people. Don't you know I'm too lazy to Google them? Plus, it's sports. So it's like, "Unnnnnhhhhhhh" (eyeballs rolling towards the ceiling).

Romius T. said...

Thanks events

it's not football it's's people (just like the food!)

Evil Spock said...

This was a big cross-over event! Reminded me of the time when Spider-Man met Superman! You should've done a better job informing Evil Spock so there could've been more pomp and circumstance.

Romius T. said...

A three way extravganza even.