Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why don't you pray for the heads of decapitated children to be re-attached

Every day I pray for the heads of decapitated children to be reattached.  But it never happens.

I think you should all join me in praying for real miracles.

I'd like to see the head of a child that was decapitated have his head magically reattached.

Stop praising Jesus for the work that doctors do like fixing broken arms and ruptured livers and stuff and take this pledge with me now!

Let's make Jesus earn his praise.  Until Jesus heals a decapitated child I will only give praise to the doctor/nurse/human I see physically manipulating the child through the "miracle" of science and technology.  From now on Jesus only gets credit for the reattachment of decapitations.
Now that we have all agreed we FINALLY have a real chance of curing the plague of decapitated children!

p.s. does anyone know where I can find video or pictures of decapitated children?  this post really lacks some multi media punch.

p.s.s. i am sure this post has nothing to do with the recurring dream i have of cannibalistic infants and toddlers that attack me every night.


veach st. glines said...

The only thing I can refer you to is a favorite of mine - it is a decapitated logo (of sorts).

belovedparrot said...

You might enjoy this, too

While you're at it, how come God doesn't reattach missing limbs -- do the armless or legless lack faith?

Romius T. said...

Christ both of those sites were creepy as fuck. no wonder you both visit this site and never complain about my sick sense of humor.

Beloved parrot

I was totally biting off the great website why wont god heal amputees?

The impetus was the stupidity of some religious person i know, but the site is awesome if are unaware of it!

thimscool said...

Because God is neither omnipotent nor omniscient, strawman slayer... Duh!

The non-causal path to our existence started a billion years from now. Why would you imagine that it could be optimal, given that we originally came from a disorganized energy burst?

50k years ago your ancestors were lucky to eat cactus. Now you want re-capitation for the poor in spirit?

"I don't believe it!"
"That is why you failed."

As you predicted, I am as easily summoned as you are refuted and shamed for your lack of substance.

thimscool said...

Your last post was good, though.