Sunday, August 15, 2010

20 documentaries that you must see

  1. The Corporation (Watch the YouTube Link HERE!) This is probably the most important of the movies on this list.  A must see film!
  2. Enron: The Smartest People in the Room.
  3. Gasland
  4. Roger and Me
  5. The War Room
  6. Up Series 
  7. Waco: Rules of Engagement
  8. Dark Days
  9. Grizzly Man
  10. Manufacturing Consent
  11. Murderball
  12. God Grew Tired of Us
  13. Super Size Me
  14. Jesus Camp.
  15. Capturing the Friedmans 
  16. The King of Kong
  17. A Brief History of Disbelief (YouTube Link)
  18. Fahrenheit 911
  19. Lost in LA mancha (2002)
  20. Marjoe (1972) 
  21. The Thin Blue Line
  22. The Staircase


DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

How could you leave "Spinal Tap" off this list? Best documentary ever....

Romius T. said...

I left it out because it's a parody of docs. Also, not a huge fan of the movie. I also hate monty python.

Gasps! I know.

veach st. glines said...

Having seen half of these, I was wondering...An Inconvenient Truth is noticeably absent (?).

No "art" docs (River and Tides, Baraka, etc), why?

Do you see the UP series (with the 8th expected out in 2012) as socioeconomic commentary or anecdotal entertainment?

Silly Swedish Skier Says So said...

I've read Manufacturing Consent, but its a documentary too? My dog's named ChompSki. Slight (skier) variation on Noam.

Romius T. said...


I purposefully left off an Inconvenient Truth as it was dull as film ( I got only half way through it) and since I don't know how much the science of global warming was "punched" in order to dramatize the problem.

I think the up series is one of the most important documents we have for socio-economic commentary (at the same time it might be the precursor to all the reality television we have now.) I would recommend the series to any person who loves reality TV as an improvement over the vacuity of most television, but it has an element of voyeurism to it.


Manufacturing consent was also a movie. A pretty darn good one too, with lots of interviews of your favorite Chomp!
p.s love your dog's name!

Anonymous said...