Monday, October 29, 2007

Please Stop Using Western Union.

Yesterday I had to place at least 15 western Unions in a six hour shift.
I had to call customer service 5 times because you can't figure out who you are sending money to. Western Union's take forever to process and your requests back up my line. Then all the people waiting for lotto tickets get pissed off at me. They get pissed off even more when I tell them the lotto is almost as big a waste of money as a money transfer from Western Union.

Seriously, I can't understand why anyone would pay 14 dollars to send 40 bucks to their cousin in Idaho. It's a waste a money. Why won't poor people just get a god damn bank account? There hasn't been a bank scare in 70 years. Who needs 40 dollars in three minutes? Just send money the way your grandma did. 12 dollars in the middle of a birthday card. Happy 12th birthday, Timmy. Inflation adjusted at a dollar a year.

Anyways, Western Union is as sketchy as it comes. All day I just send thousands of dollars to terrorists in Saudi Arabia and watch helplessly as a bunch of dupes and idiots lose thier cash to Nigerian 419 scams.

"Do you have family in Nigeria?"


Oh. Christ. Then can I ask why in hell you are sending 400 dollars to the "Governor of Nigeria?"

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