Monday, January 17, 2022

Take the L in the New Year!

How much blood in your stool do you need to die? I'm not sure either, but I imagine I'm close. A red ribbon of death gets smeared into the toilet paper every morning after I visit the bathroom and if that's not a warning from your diety I'm not sure what is. 

I know a lot of you would be like, "better get myself an appointment with a doctor." But if you had my life you'd probably have the same reaction that I had which is, 'what's taking so long?' 

Like many of you I've discovered how shitty this life is. Unlike many of you, I've given up on this shitty life. I really can't understand why you don't. 

Granted many of you aren't exactly facing the same life as I am. But plenty of you have bodies that are shutting down. Plenty of you can't pay your bills. There are thousands or more that are homeless, addicted to drugs, and are just plain miserable every day and in every way. 

Now, I'm not advocating suicide. That's for a later post. I just can't understand why more aren't interested. 

Someone explain it to me. Is it because you never sit down and do any kind of rational calculus. When was the last time you were actually happy? Is the pain way more often than pleasure? Are you really afraid of going to hell? Do you just drink so much that you don't remember yesterday? I assume. 

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