Saturday, May 01, 2021

Simping is the new Pimping


I've spent close to $20,000 on everything you can think of. Pornography, Findom, catfishing, strippers, phone sex, prostitutes, Only Fan's, and the like.  Not to brag, but I am pretty sure that an amount like that  enshrines me into the Simp Hall of Fame.™

I've spent that money not chasing girlfriends or a wife. I've thrown that money down the drain chasing a high or gettin off to a kind of masturbation which substitutes for real intercourse.  I've resorted to this enterprise because for the last 17 years or so I have failed to secure myself even a minimal level of female companionship.

Now Jordan Peterson would probably chalk all this up to hypergamy. In case you don't know what hypergamy is, it's a female dating strategy that's taken over the internet. The basic idea being women are looking to date 'up' on the social ladder. In practice this means women don't want to date men who are low in the social status. 

Where do I fit on the social ladder? Very low. Most people in their 30's have figured out how to buy a car or earn more than $15 an hour. I'm 50 yet I still haven't. That means basically attractive homeless men have a better shot at getting laid than I do. That's why I wasted a year's salary on women who have no desire to sleep with me or even communicate to me without some kind of remuneration. 


Many people wrongly associate "simping" with being a beta male. But the two are only mildly related. Beta males are males that basically want the same things as alpha males, but lack resources and other characteristics to to get them. They sneak into the female camp when alpha is away. They are the friend-zoned guy who waits for his clear shot. But at least the beta is talking and relating to a real live girl. The beta even shows a kind of bravery because there's the danger that the alpha could catch the beta and attack him. 

But simping is totally different, today's internet simping is an abstraction on relationships. It's providing resources and support to the female without (generally) the possibility of any real life interactions for the male. 

What's the danger of that simping? That it's no longer a kink a few people have, but becomes the dominant method of interaction. Charles Murray identified the 'solitaire' individual as a danger to society. No more marriage, no more babies, no more society.  If you aren't interacting in reality you can't get anyone pregnant. And you aren't in a real relationship as a SIMP, no matter what she tells you. 

Normally the ambitionless, beer bellied women who make up the majority of Only Fans creators and non-in-person sex workers would receive only a small amount of attention from men. Only ugly guys, the socially clueless, or nice guys who wouldn't dare talk to hot girls give these girls any attention. Even then chubby gals have to endure seeing men drool over their more attractive friends (just look at tiktok if you want proof- there's a whole trend in social media of the ugly women of the world talking about the heart wrenching feeling THEY get when a man only weakly offers his hand shake.) 

Instead the .2 percent of men actually attracted to tatted, obese, single moms is now exponentially lifted by access to a world internet market, so these fake dommes all get 15 minutes of fame riding the social media caravan of 'look at me' and 'aren't I important?'

The rise of this social currency further inflates the in-born hypergamic mating strategy of twenty and thirty something women. An only fans woman with no skills other than owning a vagina should settle into realistic social relation patterns. They would date short men with glasses because all the hot guys are taken. But social media and Venmo assign over-sized value to otherwise ordinary and truthfully below average girls.

In the long run these trends only serve to tear at the fabric of society. The destructive nature of anti-patriarchal forces underestimate the costs of destroying the apparatus of control. Patriarchy for all its faults sublimates the aggressive impulses of single men.*  It herds men into monogamous relationships as providers and protectors for wives and children. Without this powerful behavioral force for conformity we witness men abandoning their obligations. Men are opting out of dating and raising families. Some men (MGTOW) are going so far as to opt out of not only sex but even interacting with females at all. These trends are reflected in statistics that show men are waiting longer to lose their virginity, waiting longer to get married, and opting out of marriage all together ensuring that the rising rates of female led homes will continue. 

Some of these MGTOW men have tried transition into to something besides an alpha or beta status. They call themselves lone wolves.**** Most of these guys grew up reading Ayn Rand, wearing trench coats or stupid hats. None of these guys get laid either, but because they watched their fathers change the oil in their family cars they believe they are self reliant. They are wrong and foolish. These men have removed themselves from the dating pool though so far our purposes we can call them SIMPS. 

The rise of the Simp. Why cucks will be the new norm. 

Beta males have been around forever. We find betas in the natural kingdom all around us. They aren't always successful, but the strategy has a solid evolutionary foundation. But simping as a phenomenon (while not entirely new) has evolved from a bizarre fetish that few men could see themselves doing into one of the dominant modes of sexual expression in the future. 

Do women see the danger here? Possibly, but let's face it women have only ever really wanted protection and resource harvesting from men. It's common knowledge that women find men ugly. In one scientific survey 80 percent of all men were rated physically unattractive by women. And women are notoriously fluid in their sexual categories. Most are bi-sexual. The majority of them even get turned on by monkeys, dogs, or horses masturbating. [Now the feminist response to female fluid sexuality and female zooophilia is the suggestion that in the not too distant past women were subject to the sexual violence of monkeys and horses so often that their vaginal tissues become engorged and lubricated at the mere site of these animals. I think this concept should be met with skeptism.]**

I guess what I'm saying here is that you can't really blame men for simping when you realize what these men understand something that alphas and betas don't understand. That women view men as disposable and unworthy of attention unless they can provide resources. The only reasons women stay in relationships. 

SIMPS have given up on traditional relationships. They've cucked themselves willingly because at least they feel they get something for paying to play. In exchange for money they get off and they can start and stop when they choose. They probably even feel like they have gained a bit of control where they once did not have any. Being in charge of the purse strings means for the first time some of these men are having women approach them. Sure, it's a sales job, but most men aren't used to being approached at all. Most likely there's a sizable percentage of men who get confused by such a process as well. They mistake the approach and niceness as legit instead of a transaction. 

What does this do to younger men? Well, men, and especially young men have been subjected to a rash of anti-male rhetoric. "All men are trash" and toxic masculinity are battle cries for the latest feminist project. I'm not suggesting that reclaiming of rights and freedom from women is not overdue. I'm suggesting that toxic rhetoric made against the male gender can have massively negative effects on boys. 

It seems obvious now that young boys have internalized this criticism. A mere Google search indicates how poorly young boys are fairing. Combine the failures of providing these basics with being told that masculinity is wrong. Next, society insists men put women on pedestals. Basically, we are turning boys into SIMPS and then we wonder why they aren't interested in growing up, or getting into relationships. And because men don't become masculine women don't find them attractive anymore. We have abandoned traditional relationships and classic gender roles but we have failed to replace them with anything equal or positive. What's forming in the chaos is turning men and women towards a KINK they probably never wanted. 

*I've oversimplified here.
**I'm not saying they lying.
**** Sigma males. 

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