Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I join the online game Second Life which I think means I should get a third life

I have my windows open for the fourth night in a row.  You can feel the humidity tumbling into my room from the outside.  The whole apartment is silent.  My roommate participates in the conspiracy by falling asleep.

It's hot so I stumble carefully around the dark apartment adjusting the window shades to allow for more air flow into the apartment.

Earlier I watched my favorite football team lose on TV.  Watching my football team lose demoralizes me.   I was born in Texas, so I take football seriously.

I switched channels after the game and caught a show on M-TV that discussed online gaming and internet activity.
I highly recommend you watching the show it kept my interest.  I tried embedding the video, but blogger is acting up.

The show featured a girl who tried to make a living off the web with her own strip tease website.  I was thinking about paying 16 dollars a month to be friends with her.

In the show she gets her 500 dollar a month rent paid by a guy she gets naked for.

Another person in the the docu-reality show was so agoraphobic they preferred to be rock stars in the virtual world rather than the real world. 

Some of the characters in the "documentary" were just super shy and preferred to meet people online in virtual reality games over meeting people in bars.

It got me thinking that I wanted to join Second Life.

It was not easy.  I downloaded the program I needed.  Then I had to adjust my video screen to 32 bits.  Next I had to find out what brand of video card I have.  And then I had to download the latest driver for it.

I felt so fricking TECH savy it was crazy!

After all that I got my second life.  My code name is romius Goldshark.  You should hook up with me if you do the SL thing.

First day in I met a potential nerd girl partner.  And I talked and got dressed by a Vampiress.  Second day I got a job as a security guard in a club that has drugs, sex, prostitutes, etc.

Already better than my real life.


love_bites said...

I actually saw this episode of this show. I found it interesting. I literally disappeared into the cyber world when I got divorced 4 years ago. For about six months, the only part of my life that was endurable was the time I spent online.

Romius T. said...

I spend way too much time online. Whenever I am with friends I am always thinking about what I could I have been doing online.

This second life thing could eat up a few more hours a day for me. The last thing I really need.

Love Bites said...

I've tried to avoid it, runescape was bad enough.

Love Bites said...

Do you like to argue politics? I am also addicted to this forum: www.debatepolitics.com.

Romius T. said...


I was a big D&D gamer in my teen years.

I just recently started a profile over at debatepolitics. Though i don't post on in yet.

love_bites said...

Did you call yourself romius t?

Romius T. said...

romius texis