Thursday, June 22, 2006

Arizona passes emergency bill on DIEBOLD!

Here is Evil Jan Brewer's statement on electronic Voting.

Statement Regarding Today's Voting Equipment Lawsuit:

"It's a shame that certain individuals are attempting to derail the rights of disabled citizens to vote privately and independently for the first time ever. Make no mistake, the accessible voting devices at issue in this lawsuit were purchased solely for the benefit of our disabled community, and these machines have been fully tested and certified at the national and state levels. While the vast majority of voters will continue to vote on the optical scan devices at their polling places that are not the subject of this litigation, I strongly oppose taking away these new accessible devices for the one percent of votes that will be cast on these machines.

It is also important to remember, our state has established strict security procedures and guidelines to assure the integrity of this equipment and the voting process. Similar unsubstantiated lawsuits like this one today have been filed in other states, and have been unsuccessful. I have referred this matter to the Attorney General and have asked him to seek a dismissal as soon as possible.

Jan Brewer Arizona Secretary of State

In what can only be thought of as a rebuke of Sec. of State Jan Brewer the Arizona Legislature passed an emergency bill that "Guarantees VVPAT, Hand Audits, and Durable Paper Ballots."

The Brad blog has all the details on the bill.

Compare the new "sexier" Jan top Pic with bleach blond dew with the former matronly Jan Brewer.


foxxxylove said...

Don't you live in Florida? Get outta my state's biz-nezz!

romiustexis said...

Hey, i worked for her, so I got dibbs!!!