Thursday, March 09, 2006

This is my favorite kind of animal...

All six of my readers know me as an animal hater. That's just not true. Sure I despise most of 'em like: pigs, dogs, cats, cows. But it's also true that some animals have their place. Like monkeys who shoot pistols and and headless chickens being headless ( and chicken).

Sure I like to eat a few animals, I mean...I can't tell you how many I have eaten just today. All 7 of my meals had at least one animal in it. Ancient peoples often worshiped the divine sacrifice that an animal's life gave to them as they devoured it, I like to buy ground beef and just wash it down the garbage disposal for the hell of it.

But I just saw a story on a medical practice in the news that really disturbed me. It was about a vet who gives cats kidney transplants. I know what you're thinking...jeez there must be some controversy here, and you'd be right:

"Pet kidney transplant does not come without controversy, though. Animal rights groups say it's a violation of the donor animal because its organs are taken without its permission."

That's the fucking controversy?

"These cats don't give their consent to have their kidneys removed, nor have they given consent to be research subjects at UC Davis," said Animals Protection Institute spokeswoman Michelle Thew."

Maybe we can just get them to sign a release form, make it easy get on them and get them to sign up as organ donors when the cat gets his license.

Fuck. If my kidneys went to shit, I wouldn't even get a transplant. And we are seriously spending resources on animals with a two week life cycle? I am not an open advocate for terrorism, but if was on the jury of the guy who burned down this lab, I 'd let him go. That's all I'm saying.

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